Xpobal 1ra traducción

Translation: Inquisitorial Process of Cristobal

“Processes of Indian Idolatry and Sorcerers”

Page 165


o.- Witness, Alonso de Linón, Spanish.


Alonso de Liñan, a witness legally certified in the form of law above the sign of the cross, said: that I will tell the truth on everything that was asked, for the judgment that has been made; asking, that what it is that he knows about this matter, and if he saw Cristobal, natural Indian of Ocuituco, and his brother Martín, drunk, he said: that for the judgment that has been made, that last night, that was Quasimodo Sunday, I was speaking with Luis Alvarez, and that they wanted to go to bed, we heard voices and uproar that were being made from the house of the aforementioned Cristobal, Indian, and that this man that testifies took his sword and went to see what thing was over there, and passed through Christopher’s house and heard him crying out like a drunkard, and wanting to enter there, he heard other voices there in the same street, close to the home of the aforementioned Christopher, and he went over there, and entered the house of a main man who was named Martín, brother of the aforementioned Christopher, where voices were crying out, and he found the aforementioned Martín and others drunk and so far from sense that he could not have them on their feet and saying a thousand nonsenses and heresies…

…and the arrivers saw that the aforementioned Christopher came very bewildered and out of mind, with a garland of roses and two flowering tree branches in his hands, dancing and singing, and two Indians who he brought by the arm so that he would not fall, and a large quantity of townspeople had come out to the voices and canticles that the aforementioned Christopher was bringing with him, and this man that testifies requested of one of his Indians that he tell him what was he was singing, and he responded, “you don’t see that he is calling the devil,”

…the aforementioned father Diego Diez was locked away in his bed chamber, and because of the cries that the aforementioned Christopher made, left his bed chamber and told him off and told him to go home at a bad time, many times, and that not to disturb the town anymore; which he never wanted to do it, before he was singing and dancing more and saying many things and nonsenses, to the singing voices, other times crying and dancing; and the aforementioned father Diego Diez ordered him to be locked away with his other aforementioned brother, those which were singing and crying and laughing and yelling out and saying nonsenses until almost the daytime; and this witness ordered to call the brother of the aforementioned Cristobal and other housekeeping service members, so that they would talk and they would make them be quiet, those which they reprehended and not through this they gave up on doing it, before he threatened them and yelled out in louder voices; and that this is the truth and he signed it with his name. -Alonso de Liñan


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