Sor Juana- primera traducción

Procurement to Refute the Compliments that the Truth Inscribed On a Portrait of Poetry, That is Called Passion


This, what you see, is a trick of colors,

That of art flaunting its finesses,

With false syllogisms of colors

Is a prudent trick of senses;


This, as to whom flattery has intended

To excuse the horrors from the years,

And defeating the severities of the time,

To triumph over age and oblivion


It is a vain artifice of caution,

It is a flower delicate to the breeze,

It is a useless shelter from predestination;


It is a relentless, misguided diligence

It is an antiquated desire and, under good observation,

It is a cadaver, it is dust, it is shadow, it is nothingness.


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